From the 1998 Inside the Vatican 

Special Supplement on Humanae Vitae



By Mercedes Arzú Wilson

Mercedes Arzu Wilson is the President and founder of the Family of the Americas Foundation, and founder of the World Organization for the Family. She has been a delegate to three United Nations Conferences, and has authored several articles, Natural Family Planning programs, and books, including Love & Family: Raising a Traditional Family in a Secular World. She was appointed by Pope John Paul II as a member of the Pontifical Academy of Life. The following paper was presented to the 17th Annual Human Life International Conference held April 17-19th. 1998 in Houston, Texas, USA



In order to better understand the far reaching consequences of this "culture of death," and how a culture could grow in such arrant disrespect for life, we must analyze, in depth,the serious consequences of the "contraceptive culture" which has permeated society and has extended to every corner of the world. Contraceptive practices are contrary to the laws of nature created by God and are intrinsically evil. The enemy today is not coming with guns and bombs, civilians are not running away in panic, we do not see women and children crying in desperation after being abandoned, hungry and cold. No, the enemy today is not after our bodies — the enemy is after our souls. He works under the disguises of humanitarian assistance, reproductive health, the defender of women, children's rights, the environment, death with "dignity," and many more.

The culture of death is the culture of evil. Its promotion of contraception and sterilization is, if possible, more evil than abortion; for the goal of contraception is the prevention of the existence of human life, rather than the killing of innocent human life. After all, the innocent go to heaven. The most effective way evil can frustrate God's plan is by diminishing the number of people God chose to create with the possibility of spending eternity with Him in heaven. Furthermore, the ruthless intrusion into the process of human reproduction to produce life separate from the marriage act is an even greater moral violation than abortion because it distorts the very meaning of physical human love — made flesh — and therefore, humanity. Nevertheless, the forces of evil can be over-come. God gives us superabundant help to be on the side of good, light and eternal life.


One of the modes of action of the birth control pill, Norplant and Injectables is to prevent implantation of a newly conceived human life. This is an accepted fact, advertised openly by the manufacturers and written in the official medical literature. Surgical abortion is becoming a practice of the past as deadly chemicals are becoming the confidential baby-killers of the future. In today's world, more abortions are taking place chemically than surgically. These family planning programs are chemical warfare against women and babies.

In February, 1997, the Food and Drug Administration of the United States (FDA) declared that

"combined oral contraceptives are safe and effective for use as post-coital emergency contraception" that is, for aborting a possible pregnancy after sexual relations. It has been known in the medical profession for several years that artificial birth control methods such as the pill,

Norplant, Depo-Provera and Intrauterine devices (lUDs) act not only as contraceptives, but also as

abortion-inducing agents (or abortifacients). They do this by changing the lining of the woman's uterus, preventing the normal development of that which nourishes the newly conceived life in the womb of the mother. In order to understand why contraceptives deserve to be classified as abortifacients, it is necessary to review their mechanism of action.

The most commonly used oral contraceptive, the pill, typically contains a combination of the

hormones estrogen and progesterone. The pill has three distinct effects on the female reproductive system: it (1) suppresses ovulation; (2) thickens the cervical mucus to impede sperm penetration; and (3) alters the inner lining (or endometrium) of the uterus, the nutrient-richlining to which the baby is attached for the majority of the pregnancy? In a woman regularly using the pill, any of these processes may be occurring at any given moment.


One of the latest evils (primarily targeting youth) presented as a "service" to the promiscuous, is emergency contraception. So contrary is this approach to reality, human nature, spiritual values and common sense that wherever it is tried, in the United States and throughout the Western world, premarital sex, teenage pregnancy and abortion rates climb. They do not fall as its proponent's claim. Such trends have only stimulated the market for those who profit from other's misery, such as abortionists, manufacturers of birth control pills and devices, the sex education industry, pornographers and many others. Emergency contraception is nothing more than prescribed high doses of oral contraceptive hormones for use after intercourse. One of the primary mechanisms of action of the so-called"emergency contraceptives," according to population control researchers, is to "tem-porarily disrupt ovarian hormone production," causing abnormal development of the uterine lining.^ One common prescription for using "emergency contraceptives" specifies that two pills be taken within 72 hours of intercourse.4 If emer-gency contraception is not obtained with-in 72 hours, women are told it is "not too late," and are then offered to have an IUD inserted.


Increasingly, the pill is being promoted in its role as an abortive agent. The American College of Obstetricians   and   Gynecologists has launched a national campaign to ensure that all women are made aware of the "best-kept secret" —that "contraceptive" pills are very effective for post-coital birth control.5  Furthermore, the seven most power ful bodies in the area of population control have issued a release announcing that they have established a Consortium and have begun spreading circulars informing their colleagues about their commitment to supply "emergency contraceptive" pills as a standard form of care in "reproductive health. "^ The Consortium, which includes influential organizations such as the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) and the World Health Organization (WHO), is working in conjunction with the phar-maceutical industry to increase production of "emergency contraceptive" pills, and has stated its intent to put pressure on local governments to improve worldwide access to these abortifacients.^


The current legislation restricting abortion funding in the United States of America does not distinguish between chemical and surgical abortions, therefore abortive agents under the category of "contraceptive" devices are clearly violating the Helms and Hyde Amendment Bills passed in 1973 and 1981. These two legislators have been alerted as to the flagrant violation of their Bills, but no response has come forth yet. Industrialized nations, with the assistance of the UN, are lobbying legislators of the develop-ing nations to pass laws, particularly in Catholic countries, to decriminalize abortion. It is of critical importance to alert these countries' pro-life legislators to investigate their own Constitutions and laws that would enable them to stop this massive destruction of human life. As long as this abuse goes unchecked, the agents of population control and the pharmaceutical industry will be breaking the laws and violating their Constitutions, while amassing billions of dollars in tax-derived profits from the sale of abortifacients. At the same time, these entities are taking advantage of and furthering the prevalence of sexually promiscuous lives, with the inevitable consequences of increasing the worldwide epidemic of venereal diseases.

The industrial nations' taxpayers are the ones who unwittingly and without consent contribute to the unjust implementation of population control programs at home and overseas that promote abortion and dispense abortifacients. Furthermore, we the taxpayers, rather than the pharmaceutical magnates and population control entities, are the ones who bear the financial burden to cure the numerous health complications that arise from the use of abortifacient devices. Furthermore, numerous studies have con-firmed the direct correlation between abortion and breast cancer. This re-search has been conspicuously kept

hidden from the majority of women.


Reports are surfacing around the globe that the World Health Organization, in conjunction with governments from the developed world, are funding and implementing the use of a vaccine against pregnancy. A British Broadcasting Documentary, The Human Laboratory, filmed in 1994, detailed these abuses,particularly reporting on its investigation of cases in the Philippines. A substance called Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin was added to the ordinary tetanus vaccine without the patients' awareness. Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin is a naturally occurring hormone. When this substance is added to the tetanus toxoid (hCG is injected with a tetanus or diphtheria toxoid as a carrier), the vaccine prevents the recognition of pregnancy by the body, as follows:

(1)    While generating antibodies against the toxoid, the body is tricked into also generating

antibodies against hCG.

(2)    The woman produces antibodies that tar-get and destroy her naturally occurring hCG's.

(3)    In the absence of the natural hCG's message, menstruation occurs, thus terminating the

pregnancy in its early stages. Recently in Mexico, where this vaccine is being used and promoted by the government, specifically on women 12 to 45 years of age, a group of concerned pro-life leaders obtained four samples of the tetanus toxoid and sent them to a laboratory in the United States to investigate if the vaccine had been contaminated with Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin. The results of the test confirmed that the vaccine had been altered and they are now preparing a national campaign to denounce the anti-life vaccination program imposed on the poor and unsuspecting women of Mexico. The population control lobbies never seem to see themselves as part of an "overpopulation problem," only the defenseless poor, whom they belittle, coerce and seek to reduce in number.


The only contraceptive methods that are not abortifacients are those that have the highest failure rates — condoms and diaphragms. 

There are two basic reasons why "safe sex" is not what it is touted to be. First, as Planned Parenthood's own data show, educating teens about sexuality and contraceptives does not lead to increased contraceptive use.** Currently, less than half of sexually active teens use condoms.** For those who do use condoms, the de-vice often fails. One-third of teenage pregnancies occur while a contraceptive is being used. Condoms have an annual failure rate of 18.4% for girls under 18 years of age.""* This means that in a one-year period, the chances of getting pregnant while using a condom are one in six.

A study of married couples in which one partner was infected with HIV found that 17 per-cent of the partners who used condoms for protection still contracted the virus within 18 months.11 In another study, the United States Food and Drug Administration tested the "Effectiveness of Latex Condoms as a Barrier to Human Immunodeficiency Virus-sized Particles Under Conditions of Simulated Use." The study found that "leakage of HIV particles through latex condoms was detectable... through as many as 29 of the 89 condoms tested." (That is about one out of three.)

Some have claimed that the association of HIV with sperm would prevent the virus from passing through the pores of a condom, thereby permitting "safe sex." This is misleading: The virus does not always attach to a sperm cell. It can move independently and can easily fit through the pores of a condom.12

Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) researchers, using  powerful  electron  microscopes,  have found that new latex, from which condoms are fabricated, contains "maximum inherent flaws"

(that is, holes) 70 microns in diameter. These holes are 700 times larger than the HIV-1 virus. Another expert notes that it is important to realize "there exists direct evidence of voids in condom rubber. Electron micrographs re-veal voids 5 microns in size (50 times larger than  the virus),  while fracture  mechanics analysis, sensitive to the largest flaws present, suggests inherent flaws as large as 50 microns (500 times the size of the virus)."13

The chance of contracting AIDS is even higher since HIV is 500 times smaller than a human sperm and one-tenth to one-third the size of the smallest detectable hole in a condom. 14 Moreover, while

a woman can become pregnant only during   100  hours  (four  days)  each month, due to the nature of her ovulatory cycle, HIV can be transmitted at any time. Whether among heterosexuals or homosexuals, AIDS is clearly linked to promiscuous and/or unnatural sexual activity, such as sodomy (anal intercourse), as well as intravenous drug use.



•    STD's are the most prevalent diseases in the modern United States of America, just be-low the common cold and flu.

•    1 in 5 Americans are presently infected with an STD

*    12 million new STD cases are reported each year - 33,000 each day

*    45 million Americans are infected with an incurable STD15

The principle cause of the spread of STDs is sex outside of marriage. Young people are par-

ticularly more susceptible because they have a lower defense mechanism.



AIDS is a very interesting disease for epidemiologists. In countries such as the United

States of America, France and other parts of Europe, the situation is different from what is taking place in Africa. The epidemiology is very simple: the virus that causes AIDS is very fragile,

it cannot survive when it contacts air, and it can only be transmitted by direct injection, either

through the blood stream, that is, through intra-venous injection, or directly through the mucosa of the anus. It is important to note that there was no provision in science for such a virus to exist: a virus which could, on the one hand, destroy the immune function of a person so that he would die from any infection or any type of cancer and, on the other, a virus that would be so fragile that it could be transmitted only by intravenous injection or by intrarectum injection. Since sodomy between homosexuals has become so widespread and a large population is exchanging drugs

through intravenous use, there is great danger that AIDS can become a worldwide epidemic.

For the moment, we cannot cure people affected by the virus and who get the full disease, but we can prevent and eradicate entirely this disease without spending one dollar in research. We know

everything about the epidemiology; we just have to say sodomy is counter-natural and intravenous drugs are counter-natural. If people were properly informed and would refrain from practicing sodomy and the use of intravenous drugs, AIDS would soon vanish. You may ask why understanding the consequences of sodomy is so important. There are two reasons, Prof. Lejeune argues:

(1) "Nature built two very different systems of operation for the two openings — the vagina and the anus. The vagina is normally open to the outside world so that the sexual cells can be deposited inside the female body through sexual intercourse. The vagina is totally impermeable to viruses, because nature has provided that the vaginal mucosa has no lymphatic network, and the lymphatic network is made in our body to absorb substances; and (2) On the contrary, the rectum is de-signed to absorb up to the last possible useful nutrient that we have eaten. There is an enormous lymphatic network in the mucosa of the rectum. Therefore, the rectum is made to absorb and the vagina is made to receive nothing.”

This is very important because the vagina  is  open  to  the  outside world. If it could accept viruses,  no women  would survive. They would die of  every viral  disease going  around.  Women survive because nature has decided that this is the way in only for the sperm and not for viruses, and the rectum is the way out for the waste and not for introducing anything. Therefore, when people say that using the anus for intercourse is counternatural they are telling the truth: it is against nature. When people are not homosexual but practice sodomy with their wives, the wife

could get AIDS just like homosexuals do. They stei



While the enemy works tirelessly to suppress the truth, many fall prey to his deception.

For example:

1.    The population of the Western industrial nations is experiencing a suicidal decline.

2.    What is going to happen to the Social Security benefits of the industrial nations when they need 5 to 6 young people paying taxes for each person who retires? At present most

industrial nations barely have 2 or 3 per retiree.

3.    Who is going to be the next victim... the elderly, handicapped, through legalized euthanasia?

Almost all world population growth is caused by people living longer, rather than more births (i.e., total births have declined in North America, Latin America, Europe, East Asia, etc.). History has shown that the most accurate UN long-term population projection is the low variant, not the frequently-cited medium variant. If this trend continues, Europe will lose population by 2005; the fertility rate of the developing countries will fall below replacement level by 2015, the whole world will be losing population by the year 2045.17 the percentage of world population growth is now at

its lowest point in modern history and continues to fall every year.

According to Nicholas Eberstadt, who is a researcher with American Enterprise Institute and the Harvard Center for Population and Development Studies, "Italy is currently the country with the world's lowest fertility level. If this current regimen is extended for two generations, almost three-fifths of the nation's children will have no siblings, cousins, aunts or uncles; they will have only parents, grand-parents, and perhaps great-grandparents."


Prof.  Eberstadt further warns that by the year 2025 the median age in the world would be over 42.

In Italy the median age would be 58 in Germany 55, and in Japan 53. By the United Nation's projections, half of the  world's current  inhabitants would still be alive at the time that global depopulation commences. 18

INVESTIGATION OF 23 SOURCES OF FUNDING OF POPULATION CONTROL ENTITIES IN THE USA Billions are required to perpetuate this culture of death, the sources of funding of which are most intriguing,  as the governments of the industrial nations and the entities they control, or

who control them, become accomplices to their own destruction. Furthermore, even we the taxpayers also become contributors to our own annihilation.

An independent investigation of 23 population control entities showed an annual income

of more than S 2 billion — 43% coming from the federal government of the United States (some

entities receiving up to 98% from U.S. government subsidy). In other words, American taxpayers become unwitting accomplices to our destruction and what is left of family traditions, morals and values. Other donors include the Rockefeller and Ford Foundations, the WorldBank, and the UN, all notorious for their obsessive interest in population control.

In contrast, pro-life groups do not receive any funding from the U.S. government and only manage to raise S72 million per year in the USA.


Today, many current, existing and widespread sex-education courses disregard moral considerations as they detail the "mechanics" of sex (even sexual perversions, which have been

renamed "alternatives") and promote birth control and abortion, while supposedly aiming to reduce or eliminate, not the illicit sexual activity, but the consequences thereof — the innocent unborn babies who are conceived as a result of illicit sexual relations. Advocates of such amoral sex education would destroy the innocence of the young early in life and encourage them to engage in sex long before marriage. In order to counter these programs and salvage the innocence of our children, we must encourage parents to regain their powerful role as primary educators of their children. Parents have the wonderful opportunity to give their children a solid education in normal development, family life and sexuality that goes beyond the one-dimensional sex education courses now prevalent in schools. Children are not prepared to hear information about sex in the explicit, amoral context that is presented today. The promoters of the culture of death use educators and social workers or self-styled "sex experts" who ignore the most important element in this delicate matter - parents, and the key element called morality.



It is important to impress upon parents what a profound impact they can make on their children. Their example is the primary influence in a child's life. Parents must know that the love and affection they give their children is the greatest deterrent against promiscuous behavior, as well

as other rebellious conduct often encountered in the adolescent years. They must realize that

a strong and disciplined family produces more responsible citizens and, consequently, a better


The parents' example, good or bad, will leave an indelible mark on the behavior of their children and will strongly influence the path they will follow in future years. This three-year program of the Family of the Americas for parents and adolescents promoted family-centered sexuality education, helping parents to assume their role as the principal educators of their children in matters of human sexuality.


By the end of the program, 2,478 parents and 3,678 adolescents had been reached. The program participants had a pregnancy rate of only 5 per 1,000 adolescent females, in contrast to the national rate of 111 per 1,000 adolescent females. This rate was approximately 20 times lower than the national average. 

In   a   similar   study   by Guttmacher   Institute,   approximately 96 pregnancies per thousand were typical,  while  another Planned   Parenthood program reported about 113  pregnancies  per thousand    adolescent    females. These   numbers   represent   a marked difference in adolescent

sexual promiscuity. The data directly indicated that the number of adolescent pregnancies experienced by the program participants was only a fraction (less than 1/20) of national and regional averages. The evaluators concluded that the program was successful in reaching a  large  number of  participants of diverse ethnic origin, and that the  benefits appeared to be long-term in nature.

We have added a new dimension to our program. When we address the young participants, we tell them that God has given us free will, but that we must be informed of the consequences of our behavior. After presenting to them dangers of following the path of deceit we encourage them to take the path of truth.

Young people want to be good. They want to make decisions that will best secure a healthy and successful future. Not enough young people are challenged to be good. In fact, it is assumed that they will make poor decisions, especially regarding morality. The chastity pledge is one way in which young people receive the opportunity to make a vow to God, their future spouse and children, to those they date, and to themselves—that they will remain sexually pure until marriage. 

The pledge reads as follows:


"I make a commitment to God, to myself, to my family, to those I date, to my future spouse and future children, that from this day forward, with God's grace, I will be sexually pure by practicing the virtue of chastity, and I will remain a virgin until the day I enter into the Sacrament of Marriage."

Young people who are no longer virgins may feel that they are hopelessly lost in an active

sexual world that they cannot escape from. Nevertheless, those who have been sexually active may choose at any time to change their behavior. While it is impossible to regain their virginity, it is always possible to return to such a mind set. God always gives a second chance.


It would be irrational, some might argue, to abandon the promotion of abortive agents and leave women without any alternative for controlling pregnancy. The fact is that there is an authentic alternative: the scientifically sound and statistically proven natural  method  of family  planning.

Natural  Family  Planning  (NFP) techniques such as the Ovulation Method have been rigorously tested within the past two decades, and have proven to be 98-99% effective for women seeking to achieve or avoid pregnancy. This surpasses the effectiveness rates of all contraceptive/abortifacient devices.1 ^

Pope John Paul II has given the best illustration on the subject when he addressed the participants in a training course on natural family planning, January 10,1992: "Natural family planning, in fact, does not have a merely technical character, but always implies an essential moral dimension.

Therefore, it is not simply a question of acquiring scientific knowledge about sexual physiology and the methods for diagnosing female fertility. Above all, it is a question of understanding the truth about human love in God's plan and of growing in sensitivity to the moral values involved in it. Thus, the increasingly accurate knowledge of the cycles of female fertility finds its appropriate horizon and the condition for its morally permissible use in the context of conjugal chastity, understood as a virtue of genuine marital love. "The so-called natural methods' are actually ways of diagnosing the woman's fertile periods, which offer the possibility of abstaining from

sexual relations when justifiable reasons of responsibility require that one avoid conception.

In this case, husband and wife alter their sexual conduct through abstinence. The dynamics of

self-giving and acceptance of the other person, which are proper to the conjugal act, are not


The late Prof. Jerome Lejeune says: "For Natural Family Planning to be successful, it requires two important elements: that the husband love his wife and that he respects her physiology."

Preliminary results are proving that couples who practice natural family planning have only a 2 to 5% divorce rate, as opposed to more than 50% among those who contracept. Moral education in human sexuality through the parents is the most effective way to raise a traditional family in a secular world. It is a fact that human beings recognize the truth and embrace knowledge that will enhance their family life. We need work of great depth and full articulation of the truth based on further medical, psychological, sociological, historical and ethical research as well as an effective means to disseminate this knowledge among all men and women of good will.


Our world has been debased by the influence of secular humanism and relativism,which has led to the corruption of sex. Studies in the United States of America on the effects of artificial birth control, sterilization and abortion show they have resulted in an increase of more than 400% in the rate of divorce from the 1960s to the 1990s. About 70% of juveniles and young adults serving time in correctional facilities come from broken homes. About 25% of all children whose parents are divorced will have emotional disorders that will require psychiatric care; many will resort to alcoholism, drugs and crime. Children of divorced parents are four and a half times more likely to cohabit at a younger age, therefore increasing the number of incidence. There has been a more than 200% increase in teen suicides from 1960-1990. All of the above mentioned tragedies not

only affect the family and society's moral and spiritual well-being, but it also affects them materially by the government's need to increase funding through taxes, to provide more security, health benefits and special care for dysfunctional families. This is why we must first begin by healing the family — the first church — for when we do, that healing will spread to the neighborhoods, cities, countries, and eventually the whole world. If we want our culture in the next millennium to become a civilization of love, we must first begin by exposing the lies that have been deceiving the world and by presenting the truth:

(1)    The most imminent threat to the world is her depopulation resulting from the misleading propaganda that the world is overpopulated, when, at present, 79 countries are already below replacement level. If this continues, by the year 2045 the whole world will continue its

suicidal decline.

(2)    The chemical and mechanical warfare against women by the pharmaceutical industry, special interest groups and the governments of the industrialized nations who have been treating fertility as a disease must be stopped.

(3)    The assumption that young people are incapable of moral self control is totally misleading as children need and want to be challenged.

(4)    The most important one of all is to return the mother, the heart of the family, to her unique and irreplaceable role as the nurturer of the family. Nobody — no Day Care Center, no relative — no one can take her place. A preliminary survey on marriages concluded the following:

1. Couples married by a Justice of the Peace - 1 out of 2 marriages break up.

2. Couples married by the Church - 1 out of 3 marriages break up.

3.    Couples married by the Church and attend Church together - 1 out of 50 marriages break up.

4.    Couples married by the Church, go to Church together and pray together - 1 out of 1,429 marriages break up.

Let us have hope for the next millennium by reflecting on the words of His Holiness, Pope John Paul II, given on October 1995 at the United Nations: 

"We must not be afraid of the future. We must not be afraid of man. "It is no accident that we are here. Each and every human person has been created in the ‘image and likeness' of the One Who is the origin of all that is. We have within us the capacities for wisdom and virtue. "With these gifts and with the help of God's grace, we can build in the next century and the next millennium a civilization worthy of the human person, a true culture of freedom. We can and must do so!

"And in doing so, we shall see that the tears of this century have prepared the ground for a new springtime of the human spirit."


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